Biotweeps Twitter Conference 2018

By Adriana Garmendia

A conference on Twitter? Wait, what? Yes, social media is here and science needs to adapt for it. The Biotweeps Twitter Conference is a global event bringing together researchers from across the biological sciences to share and discuss their research with a social media audience. This year we decided to participate for the first time and we really enjoyed it!

Can you imagine presenting your research work in only 4 tweets (280 characters x tweet)! For sure this was a challenge and a good exercise for us to address only essential information, but at the same time, trying to do catchy media content for a global audience.

Through posts, infographics, and videos we decided to present one of our most ambitious projects “The Mexican Biobank Project #MXB”, an international collaboration with diverse research and government institutions; which is creating the largest genomic biobank in Latinamerica to better understand how certain genetic markers correlate with infectious diseases and cardiometabolic traits. This information will help to create health strategies to tackle these diseases for a diverse population like Mexico.

Now more than ever it is necessary for scientists to share back their results and findings to the people, otherwise, all the knowledge will be restricted for only a few.

Check out our full presentation HERE and remember to follow us on Twitter @moreno_lab!